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Tony Christensen

I am a Certified Professional Inspector. Oregon Certified Home Inspector #1977

I am licensed with the State of Oregon CCB to perform Residential Home Inspections.

Oregon CCB # 214257

Licensed, Bonded and Insured


About Me...

I have worked for myself since leaving the military in 2010. As a soldier, I learned about duty, ethics, responsibility and execution. While building a small maintenance business in 2010, these traits gave me the opportunity to balance my life and my working career. It took time, but eventually my business became self-sustaining, and to this day I continue to receive referrals based on my quality work and customer service.

After 7 years working on and around homes, from roofing and flooring projects to irrigation, grading / drainage and design, I finally arrived at a point where making the next step made perfect sense. Training to become a Certified Professional Inspector was a transition, but in every way a step forward. My wife and I created Noble Home Inspections, LLC, in 2017. I have always appreciated the systems of a home - and more than once learned the hard way I may have been in over my head on a project. In the end, however, I have worked to become knowledgeable about how a home "works" - that is, how the systems of a home (roof, crawlspace, furnace / ductwork, etc) are interconnected, and the efficiency of a home as a whole is dictated by the efficiency of every individual component. Understanding how modern day innovative systems can be integrated into a home, and how older, more traditional methods can be kept working and efficient is part of my comprehensive approach to inspecting a home.

I genuinely enjoy the work I do, as well as the challenge of each new home I inspect. Every property is unique, and I approach each inspection as such - no two reports are the same. As a home inspector, I don't work to cite code - although in many cases, defects and suggested repairs may in fact highlight a violation of current code. I aim to discover the safety and function issues of a home, which may be overlooked or not obvious during your initial walkthrough of your prospective home. These include dangerous wiring and / or material within the electrical service panel, backdrafting and improper venting, signs of water damage or penetration, fuel / water shutoffs and other significant factors which will impact the efficiency and useful life of your new home and its systems.

I will work to earn your business, I can assure you of this. Your consideration is appreciated, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Tony Christensen, OCHI #1977